Japanese shochu meets dinner at Izakaya Mita Aug. 22

Try out a new Japanese liquor, shochu
Try out a new Japanese liquor, shochu

Chicago has been welcoming a new phenomenon in drinking lately: the Japanese izakaya. A prime example is Izakaya Mita, a cool little spot at 1960 N. Damen at the corner of Armitage. They are proud of educating Chicagoans about Japanese cuisine and, particularly, about Japanese intoxicating beverages. Their latest offering, called SHOCHU 101 and taking place Monday, August 22, is a special izakaya-style dinner designed to introduce us to Japan’s distilled spirit, shochu.

Guests can choose from two different shochu flights, Fundamentals of Flavor and Expressions of Technique, to enjoy with Chef Toshi Motegi’s unique dinner set prepared to compliment your explorations o fthis native distilled beverage. While you’re imbibing and eating, Tona Palomino of Tenzing Wine and Spirits will guide you on your journey through one of Japan’s most interesting beverages. Reservations required. Call 773.799.8677 or online at www.izakayamita.com.

The menu for the evening, which is available all night, includes the following dinner set with either or both shochu flights, as well as a complimentary welcome shochu-based cocktail called a chuhai.

Izakaya-Style Dinner Set – $16
Sake Nanbanzuke – salmon served nanbanzuke style; deep-fried and pickled with onions and a sweet soy vinaigrette, served chilled.
Nasu Dengaku – seared eggplant with white and black miso glaze.
Menchi Katsu – panko-breaded and deep-fried ground beef croquette, served with tonkatsu and ketchup.
Shochu Flight 1 : Fundamentals of Flavor  $13
This shochu flight is designed for guests to sample the differing flavors of four of the most popular styles of shochu: sweet potato (satsuma), rice (kuma), barley (iki), and brown sugar (kokuto).

Isanishiki – Hakutake Shiro – Nadeshiko – Jougo

Shochu Flight 2 : Expressions of Technique  $18
This shochu flight is designed for guests to sample some of the unique techniques that are used in shochu production: Aging, Cask-Strength, Awamori, and Unfiltered.
Kakushigura – Kuradashi – Shimauta – Jakunbaku